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Forget About Eating Three Times A Day, Switch To Six And Drop The Weight Forever!

It's a proven fact that the more often you eat that better it is for you. The trick is to do it in a way that you reduce the fat / calories, and lose the weight all at the same time. I know this may sound impossible, but it works, it worked for me, and it can work for you if you allow the process into your life. You see I was once a disbeliever.

Over the years I began to progressively put on a small amount of weight, year after year... Eventually I gained so much baggage, that I was ready to give up, that I couldn't see the end in sight. Is wasn't until I read something that triggered a thought inside my brain, which told me to accept what the experts are saying, and give this new concept a go... You see I eat three times a day, in between the "all day long" grazing. Ok, so now you know why I gained the excess pounds...

I began searching for a sensible explanation to the correlation between my desires for weight loss vs. my unwillingness to change. When I stood back and realized that I was only part of the problem, and the solution looked much brighter, well then I was able to focus my attention on getting fixed. Deep inside my mind were voices saying you can't do it, your fridge is calling your name. The force is too strong, and you're to weak...

BUNK, BUNK, BUNK!!! I thought to myself, can it in fact be that easy of a notion; change just a minute portion of what I am doing and have that body I always dreamed of having. Only you get this right nothing will keep you from achieving your goals.

Ok, so how do you go about eating six times a day and lose weight? Has anyone ever asked you how a mouse eats an elephant? The answer is the same; one bite at a time... Eating six times a day in portions is rather easy. Get up and have a nice breakfast filled with juice, oatmeal with nuts and raisins, fruit, and perhaps yogurt. Do all that by 8am, and drink two 10oz glasses of water as well. By 10:30-11am you will start to feel hungry, and I suggest you get a mid morning snack - a protein shake. For lunch at 1-1:30p grab a wrap with a few slices of extra lean ham and turkey, toss in low fat cheese, and uncooked spinach. Remember the water...

Next you will want to be ready for a mid-afternoon snack, consisting of an energy bar, or a shake. Have your dinner around 6:30-7p no later, and have mid-sized portions, lean meats, organic pasta and sauce over uncooked spinach, or salmon, and top it off with unsweetened apple sauce, and water. Finally you will want to have a late night snack; cut up apple with 4 slices of low fat cheese off the brick tastes great, or I have another yogurt, and always make sure to drink that last glass of water before bed.

If you were able to build a plan for yourself like the one I laid out for you above, you will easily see a difference in the way you look at feel in a short amount of time. Let's not forget about some exercise that will go along way to assisting in the process, even if it is a walk in the park.
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