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Diet Tip #2: Lose weight by drinking water

Along with proper, calculated food intake our body also requires adequate amount of water to lose weight. Since the initial weight loss takes place by expelling water, it is important to stay hydrated to compensate the lost water from our bodies. Dehydration reduces the blood volume hence causes a decrease in the oxygen carrying capacity of blood to various muscles and hence we feel tired. Therefore, water is recommended to stay active. Water also tones down our muscles and lubricates our joints, which prevents friction during exercising. To stay slim, the intake of fibrous food is important but without proper intake, this can lead to constipation. This overall practice will help you lose weight efficiently.

Water drinking tips

- Start your day with two glasses of water. This activates your internal organs that were at rest during the night.

- Have water along with meals. This practice will keep you satiated and would prevent you from overeating.

- To distinguish between the feeling of being thirsty or hungry, try drinking a few glasses of water and wait till 20-30 minutes.

- Avoid artificially sweetened drinks which are  diuretics, which increase your calorie intake and even expels the require water from your body. (Read: Can drinking water lead to weight loss?)

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