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Exercises to lose weight from your upper body

Dumbbell shrugs are an isolation exercise that targets your traps (the top of the back muscle right below your neck). It requires your stand erect with a dumbbell in each hand with your arms at your sides which will be your starting position. This exercise can also be done with a bar and a cable machine and a barbell.  Read how to dumbbell shrugs properly. Read how to do do shrugs properly. 

And of course, it’s impossible to shape any part of the body without following a proper dietary regime. For example, some things you  need to keep in mind is to eat more meals but smaller ones, eat more fibre, stay away from saturated fats, stay hydrated, cut down on sugar, cut down on alcohol and most importantly, keep track of what you eat. Along with that, you need to follow a proper cardio regime with running, walking, cycling, swimming and other aerobic exercises which will improve your cardiovascular health and also help you lose weight. 

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You could also try out these exercises for specific body parts: 

  • Exercises for shoulders
  • Exercises for abs
  • Exercises for arms
  • Exercises for legs

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