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Top fitness apps to help you stay fit and fab in 2014

Smartphones have become a way of life for many. Everything you need to know is stored in that little box you carry in your pocket. The handy, little device can also help you stay fit. No, it cannot replace exercise or eating healthy, but it can definitely make it more fun and easy. There are several apps which will motivate you to reach your fitness goals. Here’s our selection of 7 such apps to keep you in the pink of things. (Read: How to fit exercise in your busy schedule)

Healthifyme – Android, free

If you are on a weight loss diet or are a conscious eater then this is the perfect app for you. You can track the number of calories in your food, maintain a diet chart and get suggestions about right food choices. The app has been developed in India and so has a large database of various ethnic dishes. It also keeps track of your exercise levels. Check out their website for more information.

iBP Blood Pressure – iOS, android, Rs 55

This app does not measure your blood pressure but is an analysis and tracking tool. The app uses colour icons to tell you when your BP is high, low, etc. It also keeps a track of your BP over time and presents a statistical analysis of it. You can store data of multiple people by creating different accounts and even save snapshots of graphs. The app lets you keep a virtual track of all your readings at one place which can be shared with your doctor without the hassle of files, reports, etc. (Read: 10 awesome fitness workouts for the perfect you)

Runtastic – iOS, android, windows, blackberry, free

This application helps you keep a track of every exercise you do including biking, walking, running, skiing, etc. It has a host of other apps which you can download depending on your fitness needs. The pro version is chargeable though and not all are available on windows and blackberry stores. You can track your progress in real time and save it in your diary. The app uses GPS to map your sport and fitness activities and also has a voice coach for audio feedback. The pro version lets you monitor your heart rate as well. The idea behind this app is to keep you motivated and improve your fitness levels in a fun and easy manner. Know more about the app on its website.

MyFitnessPal – iOS, android, windows, blackberry, free

Largely a calorie-counting app, MFP has an enormous data of food items – over 3 million! It is for people looking to lose weight as research studies have shown that keeping a food journal doubles your weight loss efforts. The app boasts of over 40 million people losing weight using it. The app is quite handy and comes with a bank of exercises as well. One can customise it according to their goals and also connect with friends with similar ones. One can even enter their own recipe to track its nutrition. Check its website here. 

Baba Ramdev Yoga – Android, windows, free

Both the platforms have this app which includes yoga videos by spiritual guru Baba Ramdev. The app is a collection of his yoga videos as seen on TV but at one place. It comes in handy as you can select a yoga pose according to your fitness level and also for any specific condition you may be suffering from.

iStretch – iOS, Rs 110

A desk job can leave you feeling lethargic with no time for exercise. This app can help you work out at your cubicle with a set of yoga poses and exercises meant for the office. Sitting in one position without much movement can lead to sore muscles. This app has videos with stretching exercises for the shoulders, back, neck, etc. It comes in handy during office as the exercises are simple but a little movement can help your muscles from getting rigid. (Read: Get fit in the office with these exercises)

Complete gym guide lite – iOS, free

Whether a beginner or fitness pro, this app is quite useful. It comes with over 100 exercises with images and descriptions and the option to save your most frequently used or favourite ones for quick access. One can also calculate their fitness levels or decide what weights to use with the help of its calculators. It has a total of 9 calculators including protein and car intake, BMR, etc. (Read: Top 8 mobile fitness apps)

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