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The Personal Victories 5 Real Women Treasure More Than Their Weight Loss  

There's no doubt that losing weight can be insanely gratifying. But does it even compare to waking up feeling ready to conquer the world, PR'ing a three-mile run, or walking into every work meeting feeling like a BAMF? You see where we're going with this...

Next time you're in need of some inspiration, refer to these non-scale victories from real women whose healthy ways transformed their entire lives. Psh, scale shmale! 

“My Confidence Is Through the Roof”

Whitney DePasquale WLSPhotograph courtesy of Whitney DePasquale

After years of stress-eating, Whitney DePasquale found a healthier way to blow off steam: daily circuit workouts that included badass moves like tire flips. After 11 months of exercise and healthy eating, DePasquale's mental and emotional transformation surprised her even more than the physical changes she saw.

“Every relationship I have—whether personal or professional—has grown stronger because of my improved self-confidence,” she says. “I no longer doubt myself or my abilities because I know I can do anything I set my mind to.”

“My Mindset About Food Is Much Healthier”

Dell FarrellPhotograph courtesy of Dell Farrell

When a vicious cycle of restrictive diets and hardcore CrossFit workouts left trainer Dell Farrell feeling burnt out, a more flexible relationship with food and a focus on strength training helped her become fitter—and happier—than ever.

“I used to stress constantly and cancel dinner plans because I was rigid about what foods I could eat,” says Farrell. “Now that I focus on eating whole foods, while still enjoying ice cream and pizza, I'm not obsessed with dieting,” she says. “It’s so freeing to live a more balanced lifestyle.”

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“Fitness Isn't A Chore, It's a Passion”

weight loss successPhotograph by Benjamin Gay
Former college athlete Johnelle Burnett joined a 12-week transformation challenge at her gym to lose the weight she’d gained during her pregnancies. After hitting the gym hard and winning the challenge, Burnett realized how much she loved working toward new fitness goals.

“I’m currently three weeks out from my first full marathon,” says Burnett. “I even took swimming lessons so that I can participate in triathlons this summer,” she adds. “I love finding new challenges to really put my soul and energy into.”

“I Feel Strong Enough to Tackle Life’s Challenges”

Lauren PlucinoPhotograph courtesy of Lauren Plucino

When Groupon inspired Lauren Plucino to try kickboxing workouts and a new meal delivery service, she discovered how much a healthy lifestyle could help her deal with the everyday life.

“My stress level has improved so much since I started eating healthy and working out,” says Plucino. “It’s still hard to deal with stress at work or with family, but now that I have the energy to deal with it. I have a better attitude.”

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"I Can Keep Up with My Daughter" 

Anyce BanksPhotograph courtesy of Kim Parker Photography/ Anyce Banks

Anyce Banks was borderline diabetic when she found out she was pregnant. Her daughter inspired a complete lifestyle makeover, and after three years of clean eating, workout classes, and weights, Banks has never felt healthier. 

"My daugher loves to be outside and go to the park," she says. "For so long, I just sent her up the slide and waited at the bottom. I'll never forget the first time I could go down the slide with her because I was small enough to fit." 

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