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Top habits of successful dieters: (Almost) everything in moderation

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'Everything in moderation' is a wonderful idea... It implies that as long as you moderate yourself you can do or have anything you like

Obviously with things like illegal substances or criminal activities this does not apply, but when it comes to losing weight it's ALMOST always true.

Dieting is difficult for most of us because we focus on all the foods we CAN'T have. We create an endless list of the things we are not allowed and feel at a loss to think of the foods we CAN ACTUALLY EAT.


The thing is, if you apply the moderation idea appropriately you can actually get rid of the list of 'banned' foods completely.

NOTE the word 'appropriately'. To be clear, what I'm saying is you CAN eat things like chocolate, cake, sweets and fast food and lose weight if you moderate these items the right way.

So what is the right way?

Want to eat a normal-sized chocolate bar? One every couple of weeks won't hurt your diet progress. See what I mean about APPROPRIATE moderation? ONE 'cheat item' every COUPLE OF WEEKS, not one a day or one every time you feel like it.

Why am I telling you this?

Because people who lose weight successfully are those who engage in a diet that takes REAL LIFE into account. And real life includes moments where you enjoy yourself a little bit. Get into the habit of choosing those moments carefully and you'll continue losing weight.


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