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5 Super easy summer salad recipes for weight loss

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One of the most important ideas when you are trying to lose weight is that you need to eat more plant-based foods (veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc.,) and less animal proteins and processed foods …

Salads are a brilliant way of killing all those birds with one stone, as it were.

Here are my top 5 summer salads to get you started. Click on the image to get the recipe.

1.     Fig, halloumi and hazelnut salad

For the adventurous, and those who thought salads were all lettuce and tomatoes here's one that'll take you firmly out of the box. The sweetness of the fig and the saltiness of the halloumi, plus the lovely bite of the hazelnuts make for a wonderful taste and texture experience, plus it has tons of good nutrition in it too.

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