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Crazy celeb diet tricks: The Vision Diet

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The Vision Diet

The basic idea of the vision diet is: if your food looks unappealing enough you might not eat it.

How do they achieve this?

Well, food comes in lots of colours naturally. One of the colours that nature has chosen to not produce food in is blue (unless you count blueberries). And weirdly, if you put blue food colouring into any normal food, it looks suddenly inedible.

On the Vision Diet, subjects wear blue tinted glasses so that all of their food appears blue and (theoretically) doesn't get eaten in the same quantity.

The diet hasn't really been shown to work and the most likely outcome is actually just that people would take off the glasses and eat the food anyway - we're too smart to resist such a simple fix.

The better food colour-related diet?

Eat as much variety of colourful fruit and veg as possible at every meal. [Tweet this] You'll get all the nutrients and fibre your body needs, and you don't have to look and feel like a weirdo in blue glasses.

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