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Hit a weight-loss plateau? 5 Fail-safe ways to get losing again

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WEIGHT LOSS is often something that starts off fast and then gradually slow down to the point where it seems to have stopped.

However, it CAN come off faster and faster as you go along if you do it right. BUT for most people the former scenario is what takes place.

If you feel like you're doing everything 'right' and not losing weight here are five techniques you can use to get your body to drop some extra pounds.

Note: The advice below assumes that you are not taking any medication that could make your body hold onto the fat. It also assumes that you are living a healthy lifestyle - you can't complain about not losing weight if you never move your body or exercise, drink 20 cups of coffee a day and sleep for three hours per night.

1. Try a 24-hour fast

Intermittent fasting is a hot topic in nutrition and weight-loss circles right now. Why? Because it works for weight loss and boosts general health.

If you feel like you should try something different, this would be my first recommendation.

It's also SUPER EASY to do.

Just skip two meals then return to eating as per usual. So, for example, eat dinner today, then skip breakfast and lunch tomorrow (drink only water and unsweetened black tea/coffee) and then eat dinner tomorrow and continue with your regular diet.

YOU WILL NOT DIE from missing two meals. It's good for you. Once or twice per week is fine. Don't overdo it.

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