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Quick tips for successful WEIGHT-LOSS: Check your stats

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Tip: Get STATS

One of the largest similarities among people who LOSE WEIGHT successfully and keep it off is that these people weigh and/or measure themselves regularly.

This practice may not be fun the first time, because the numbers don't lie and you have to face the hard reality of your physical condition, however once you begin, the practice of taking measurements becomes a driver for changing the way you eat.

If you know you have to weigh yourself tomorrow and see how the number stacks up against the weigh-in from today what would you eat for dinner? Dessert anyone? I think not.

Dessert anyone? I think not.

And it's so easy...

Just jump on the scale first thing in the morning before you've had anything to eat or drink and take note of your weight. Don't expect it to decrease every day - you're looking for a long-term decrease.

It will fluctuate slightly up some days for hormonal and water retention reasons. The point is that you need to keep weighing in, so you don't let yourself lose sight of the goal.

This is an easy method to aid weight loss and it REALLY WORKS. Give it a try for a few weeks and find out for yourself.


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