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Enjoy comfort foods without getting fat

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We all indulge in comfort foods from time to time, whether it’s chocolate, ice-cream or a large bowl of creamy macaroni and cheese. The calories can easily pile on especially if you keep on taking another spoonful after another.

Try using a specific size bowl when having comfort foods – particularly a small size one! Portion control is key when you consume comfort foods. This will help prevent you from taking a much larger portion than you or your body actually needs. If you are preparing extra to freeze for another time, then be sure to pre-pack the small portions, using the same size bowls or plates etc. This will ensure that you know what your limit is and will help keep you on track regarding your weight-loss goals.

Remember to also look for alternatives when preparing comfort foods. For example, when making macaroni and cheese, opt for a low-fat cheese instead of the full-fat version and perhaps substitute half the pasta for steamed cauliflower – you wouldn’t even know the difference, but you will see it on your waistline!

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