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How to cut down bread-and-butter pudding calories

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Are you worried about piling on extra pudding calories this winter? Here are a few tips to 'health-up' bread-and-butter pudding.

Comfort without the extra calories

Bread-and-butter pudding is known as the ultimate childhood comfort food, because it's usually loaded with egg custard, butter and refined sugar. But, there's a healthier way to make this favourite pudding, and save a ton of calories at the same time!

Give these tips a try to 'health-up' your winter pudding:

    • Use soya custard (or custard powder) to cut down the number of eggs you use.
    • Use low-fat rice/soya milk (or low-fat cow milk) instead of full-cream milk, and low-fat créme fraiche instead of regular cream.
    • Use extra raisins and dried fruit and only a little sugar, instead of all castor sugar.
    • Soften the butter (or use coconut oil instead) to make it go further, and use less than you normally would.

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