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How to build hot summer body in winter

Build hot summer body in winter

Get a hot summer body in winter

Did you overdo it this Easter? While there’s nothing wrong with taking some time out to relax, the break is over! Now is the time to start thinking about how to shift that extra layer around the waist and get into great shape for summer!

Here are some tips on how to build the ultimate summer body during winter...

1. Find your carbohydrate baseline

Most Easter weight gain is caused by sugar or “carb” overindulgence. Therefore, the best antidote is to regulate your carbohydrate intake.

It’s important to remember that carbohydrates are NOT the enemy. The solution is NOT to drastically drop your carbohydrates intake. At some stage you will reintroduce carbohydrates and when you do, your diminished sensitivity to carbs may result in weight gain because of the skewed diet you followed.

Instead, find your carbohydrate baseline. In essence, this is the level of carbohydrate intake required before an increase in body fat occurs. Unlike proteins and fats, this base line is individualistic and dependent upon your metabolic efficiency and hormone sensitivity. You may need to consult a nutritionist to help you establish your baseline.

2. Start exercising

For optimal results, combine health diet changes with an exercise routine. This will assist you to help reset your metabolism, positively influence hormones, improve your sleep, and quicken recovery to get back into a healthy and balanced routine.

If you need assistance with the complexities of exercise, nutrition and supplementation, and you are finding the process overwhelming, you can take the plunge and sign up for the USN Body Makeover Challenge, where you have a full support service on call.

3. Set goals

First things first - write down your goals. It could be anything from losing weight to simply getting fit.

This will not only help you track your progress, but rather encourage you to keep your eye on the prize. No matter how heavenly your duck feather duvet feels, having goals in mind will help you get up and start your day in a healthy way!

4. Spice it up

A fit and healthy body doesn't happen overnight so give it time and beat boredom by making sure your  workouts are fun.

Stay motivated to work out by switching it up and by trying something new. You could take a boxing class, run with friends, join a dance class or sign up for an early morning boot camp. No matter what you choose, spicing it up will keep you interested and motivated to stay on track.

Whether you are a first-time dieter or a fitness fanatic, there are a wide variety of ways in which you can make the most of the quiet winter months to prepare for a sizzling summer!

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