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Burn calories with upper body exercises

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Often you may become tired and bored of repeating the very same exercises or you may even be unable to do any lower body exercises. Don’t worry, there are several upper body exercises that you can perform without even having to move from your seat!

Use a hand gripper

A hand gripper is a piece of exercise equipment that you hold with one hand and squeeze. It is small and light and easy to carry with you – it will even fit into your handbag! An additional advantage is that it is relatively cheap to purchase.

Small dumbbells

Small or mini dumbells are also a great exercise tool that can be used – held in your hands – when sitting or even standing. Try carrying them to work with you, and burn some calories during your breaks. You could even use them at home when watching television or listening to some music.

Exercise bands

Exercise bands are yet another amazing exercise equipment that can easily be carried with you wherever you go. They are easy to store and fold and are super light and convenient. Remember that the more you use exercise bands (or any other exercise equipment) the more calories you will burn – just make sure that you are comfortable and stop when you are in any form of discomfort or pain.

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