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Why yoga is such a great way to lose weight


Body-mind awareness

We already know that yoga is great for stress relief and helping us feel calmer, but did you know that it's also a great form of exercise for weight loss?

Doing yoga won't burn the same number of calories as running, for example, but it does increase body-mind awareness.

In other words, when you practise yoga, you're more aware of how your body feels and it becomes natural to seek out ways to nourish it.

Yoga and eating

For example, people who do yoga generally tend to avoid eating foods that make them feel sluggish. Instead, they look for healthy foods that keep them feeling energised and light.

Yogis (people who practise yoga) are more mindful about what food they put into their body and how much of it they're putting in.

Stress and weight gain

Stress is one of the most common reasons why women put on weight and yoga is a fantastic way to help combat that stress.

Yoga meltdown

If you really want to blast fat with yoga and tone up at the same time, try this sweaty Jillian Michaels hot yoga workout!

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