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Create your own mantra


Make a mantra

If you are trying to drop some kilograms and are finding that you are easily distracted by foods that you should be avoiding then try creating a little mantra that you could repeat to yourself. This will help to keep you motivated and to stay on track.

Short and original

Try keeping your mantra short and original so that it will be easy to remember. It is more likely to have an impact if you create it on your own.

Be creative and humorous

You could make up a funny tune or song that you could sing to yourself or repeat in your mind, whenever you are placed in a situation where you feel that you may overindulge in foods or are tempted to consume foods that you should be avoiding.

A little humour always brightens up one’s day and not only will giggles improve your mood, but you may even burn a calorie or two and reach your weight loss goal even quicker.

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