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Why apples are so good for losing weight


Apples for weight loss

Apples are one of the healthiest fruits you can find. They're sweet and delicious, and they're great if you're trying to lose weight.

They're packed full of vitamins and fibre. The fibre is what helps to satisfy your hunger and prevent those sneaky cravings.

Tasty ways to enjoy apples

  • As a whole fruit

  • In a salad

  • With a few nuts and yoghurt

  • In a smoothie

  • Diced and warmed in the microwave with a little cinnamon

  • Grated over lean meat

  • As a dessert

Apples aren't expensive and they're available all year round. Choose your favourite variety – green, red, golden, or crisp – and enjoy an apple (or two) a day!

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