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Fresh produce: Is it really so expensive?


Fruit and veggies

When you think about buying tons of fresh fruit and veggies, you probably assume that you'll be spending a fortune at the till.

Not so! Let's face it – produce can get expensive, but when you're eliminating or cutting back on packaged and processed foods, you'll be amazed at how economical it really can be.

Give these tips a try for smarter, healthier eating – without breaking your wallet.

6 Money-saving tips

  1. Buy whole carrots and chop or grate them at home. Store them in containers, use them as snacks, to bulk up meals, add them to soups, etc.

  2. You can do the same thing with certain fruits, like pineapple.

  3. Only buy what is in season.

  4. Buy in bulk where possible, for example – apples and oranges are usually cheaper this way.

  5. Stock up on frozen vegetables.

  6. Think about growing your own herb, salad and veggie supply in your garden at home.

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