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Something our parents got wrong at suppertime


Clean that plate

When it comes to eating at suppertime, there are a few food rules our parents taught us that are long outdated.

Like making sure our plates were spotless by the end of every meal.

Remember how our parents told us to finish every pea and grain of rice on our plates – otherwise we wouldn't get dessert?

Things have changed a lot these days. The focus is more about preventing overeating and enjoying the experience.

How to prevent overeating

  • Notice how you're feeling while you're eating. If you're full, but still eating because the food is so good, stop!

  • Save the rest of your meal for lunch the next day.

  • If you're eating out, eat half your meal and ask for a takeaway box for the rest.

  • Eat off smaller plates.

  • Drink water with your meal.

  • Have a bowl of salad or soup before your main meal.

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