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Healthy, refreshing ways to enjoy cucumber


Why cucumbers are cool

Tasty, refreshing cucumbers are made up of 95% water, and a single cup of them is almost as thirst-quenching as a glass of water.

Cucumbers provide a small amount of minerals, vitamins and daily fibre, but are better known for their refreshing qualities.

If you're trying to lose weight, swap potato chips for a few slices of cucumber with the skin on; they have a way of making you feel full – with fewer calories!

Seven delicious ways to enjoy cucumber

  1. Chilled cucumber soup

  2. Cucumber salad with tzatziki

  3. Cucumber, lemon and mint juice

  4. Cucumber and yoghurt salad

  5. Tropical cucumber salad

  6. Cucumber, feta and papaya stacks

  7. Cucumber, strawberry and cherry tomato skewers

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