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Filling diet foods: The baked potato


The potato is often shunned by dieters because it's considered a carbohydrate, when in actual fact it's the perfect diet food.

According to a study that measured the satiating index of 38 foods, people ranked the potato as the highest in making them feel fuller for longer.

This was compared to other foods, which included brown rice and whole-wheat bread. They also reported eating less, two hours after eating the potatoes.

Baked potato goodness

Potatoes are full of goodness and are packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

For the perfect weight-loss main meal, simply bake a whole potato. Once out of the oven, stuff it with your favourite salads, veggies, beans or lean meat strips for a nutritious, nourishing meal.

Add a drizzle of low-fat dressing, some herbs, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper for flavour, and enjoy!

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