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How to avoid piling on weight when you eat out


The trick to dining out healthily

It's not difficult to stack on extra kilogrammes when going out for a bite to eat, especially when you've been eating healthily at home.

The trick to dining out healthily is to be clever about it...

Plan your meal

Most restaurants today have an online menu, so before heading out the door – and preferably after you've had a small snack so you're not ravenous - have a quick browse and narrow down your meal options. That way you won't be tempted by all those unhealthy food choices.

Ask for a doggy bag

A lot of restaurants serve portions that are normally much bigger than you'd eat at home. If you find yourself full halfway through your meal, don't force it down. Instead, ask for a doggy bag and take the rest home with you.

Learn to say “No”

It might sound like a great idea, but just imagine how many extra calories you're taking in, going for that complimentary bread basket, or an extra serving of onion rings. One study found that people ate 73% more soup when their bowl was secretly refilled! A polite “no” is really not going to offend anyone at the table or your waitron.

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