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Make fruit more appealing

Fruit is an excellent food to snack on, if you are on a weight loss program. Here are some ideas to make it more appetising.Fruit is healthy and low in calories, making it an ideal snack for weight loss.Not a fruit lover?If you are not a huge fan of eating fruit, maybe try disguising it, to make it seem more appealing.Use the freezer Try cutting up larger fruit into small bite-sized pieces and freezing them. Grapes are a great choice as you only need to wash them beforehand, no cutting, no mess, no fuss!Use a mouldYou could also try getting a popsicle mould and freezing some Greek yoghurt with berries (or any other fruit that you enjoy!).The idea is to help you consume fruit, in whichever form it’s in. So experiment and find alternatives that make it more appealing to you!
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