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Drink water and lose weight


Water is required by your body for hydration as well as the metabolic process. It even plays as big a role for weight loss too.
According to Men's Health, of 173 overweight women in a study - those who added one litre of water to their diets every day, lost about two-and-a-half kilograms during the year.
Drink water at specific times
Furthermore, it appears that if you drink water at specific times during the day, you could lose even more weight!
Researchers at Virginia Tech asked subjects to drink two glasses of water before each meal. Results showed that those subjects who did this, lost 30 percent more body fat over 12 weeks.
One step at a time
So try drinking a glass or two of water before your meals. Maybe try doing this for just lunch and as it becomes a routine with which you are comfortable, try doing it before dinner too.

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