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5 Reasons why weight loss is not working for you


1. You’re not consistent

If you regularly take up and then abandon fad diets or go through a process of starving yourself one minute and bingeing the next, you will play havoc with your metabolism and cause your body to store more fat. As eating too little causes the metabolism to slow down, following this period with a binge will cause your body to quickly pile on the kilograms. Rather adopt a consistently healthy eating plan instead.

2. You don’t vary your workouts

Doing the same exercise activities over and over again may make you bored and less motivated and you may not only feel more likely to skip workouts but it will also diminish the intensity and results of your training. As your body becomes more efficient at a certain activity you will no longer need to work as hard at it, meaning that it will burn off fewer calories.

3. You don’t need to lose weight

With the growing obesity problem in many parts of the world, it seems as though everybody wants to lose weight. However, although it is a fact that many people do need to shed the kilograms, you may not be one of them. Rather than striving for an unrealistic body shape, ask yourself – and your doctor – honestly if there are medical reasons that you need to lose weight for. If not, it may be time to forget the diet and start giving your self-esteem a workout instead.

4. Your weight isn't a true reflection of body fat

Many people obsess over their weight as a way of measuring how much body fat they have lost or gained. However, while a set of scales will tell you your weight, it will not tell you how much of that is fat, muscle or water, and therefore is not an accurate representation of fat loss. For instance, gaining muscle through a new fitness routine can slow down weight loss, as can fluid retention. For a more accurate indication of your body fat levels, try tracking changes in your measurements and the fit of your clothes.

5. You have a medical condition

Many medical conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), thyroid problems and hormonal imbalances can cause you to gain weight and make it very difficult to lose excess kilograms. Also, hidden food allergies or intolerances can make it difficult to lose weight. Furthermore, while your medical condition itself may not cause weight gain, the side effects of certain medications may pile on the kilograms, so make sure to speak to your doctor about this if you are struggling to lose weight.


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