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5 Simple ways to prevent calorie gain


Below are five ways that may help prevent you from consuming excess calories:

1. Drink water between bites. This technique cleanses the palate and allows you to calm your mind when you are eating. If you are addicted to food, you will get a high while eating preventing you from paying attention to what you are doing. The important element is to calm your mind.

2. Take one to two deep breaths between each bite. This helps your brain register when you are full. In addition, it further helps you to calm your mind while eating. 

3. Do NOT eat in front of a TV. You will be watching the programme, and not realize how much or what you are eating.

4. Stop eating when you are full. If you are paying attention to and enjoying the look and texture of what you're eating you'll give your body the chance to let you know you're full. Remember to eat the best parts of your food first. For example, if you like the pizza crust eat it first in order to prevent you from overeating. Eating the best parts of your food will allow you to stop when you are full because you have already eaten the best parts of your food.

5. Try not to eat late at night. Your metabolism naturally slows down in the evening and food becomes hard to digest. Avoid eating less than three hours before bedtime. If you're hungry at midnight, drink two glasses of water.


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