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How to skip to lose weight


1. Ask your doctor if skipping is a safe exercise for you. Most people can skip for exercise without any problems. However, if you have leg or knee problems, it might cause too much stress. It may also be too strenuous, depending on your current weight and physical condition. Your doctor will help you determine whether skipping should be part of your weight loss programme.

2. Set up an exercise schedule that includes skipping. Skipping is a good aerobic exercise because you can raise your heart rate and work up a sweat while doing it. Your schedule will vary depending on your weight and physical condition, but in general you should exercise at least three times each week. You can include skipping in every session.

3. Do your skipping routine consistently. You may start off with great enthusiasm, but it's easy to slack off from regular exercise even when you're doing something fun like skipping. Force yourself to exercise according to your schedule, even when you really don't feel like doing it. Skipping can only help you lose weight if you do it often enough to make a physical difference.

4. Vary your skipping exercises. There are many variations such as cross-overs and double unders, that allow you to change up your routine and keep it interesting. They will also help you improve your coordination.


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