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10 Weight friendly habits


Here are 10 tips that may help you adopt some healthy, weight-friendly habits for life. 

Weight loss tip 1: Decide how much weight you need to lose. Calculate your desired weight against your height by using reliable methods like the BMI, and set a healthy weight loss target. 

Weight loss tip 2: Time management. Decide which part of your day will be dedicated to exercise. If you don't do this now, your days will be rushed and unplanned, and you won't be able to sustain your weight loss efforts.

Weight loss tip 3: Keep your house well-stocked with fruits, vegetables, healthy meats, grains, cereals and spices. 

Weight loss tip 4: Eat healthy home cooked meals. Ask any person who has lost weight the healthy way, and you will always hear about how healthy home cooked meals were a big reason behind it. Use less oil, low salt,more fresh produce, and you'll start seeing results in no time.

Weight loss tip 5: Start a cardio + weights workout. A healthy weight loss programme is incomplete without a good exercise routine, and weight training mixed with cardio is the best way to lose weight. Of course, variations and forms exist, but any workout that stresses on muscle tone and increased heart rate will always help you lose weight and keep it off. 

Weight loss tip 6: Alter your snacking habits. Avoid deep fried and fatty foods as well as foods with refined sugars such as cakes, pastrie, etc., and opt for yoghurt or some fruit instead.

Weight loss tip 7: Have at least one active hobby. Enjoy games with friends and family, plan weekend trips, clean your house once a week, dance, play sports, etc. Get out of the coffee shop and dining table rut, and you'll have fun along with the healthy weight loss.

Weight loss tip 8: Find a solution to combat stress as it is always detrimental to healthy weight loss in the long run. Find ways to combat stress and you'll soon realise that your diet and exercise aren't sabotaged anymore, and that you truly do see results. Look at yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises, or simple hobbies like reading to fight stress.

Weight loss tip 9: Drink plenty of water. Remember to carry a water bottle to your workout, and take a few sips after every two to three minutes of exercise.

Weight loss tip 10: Plan healthy vacations. Healthy vacations aren't impossible. Eat smart on a holiday and remember that these are lifelong habits that'll help you stay fit forever and not short term weight loss quick fixes.


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