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Breastfeeding and weight loss


Wait a few months before dieting. Give your body some time to heal and for you and your baby to get into a routine. Your body is already producing milk, and in those two months your baby and you will begin to develop a regular feeding schedule, which is important for both of you. Also, you want to make sure you are fully healed from childbirth before starting strenuous exercises and changing your diet.

When you do begin exercising, do not restrict your breastfeeding routine. Breastfeeding will help you lose weight and get back into shape. Breastfeeding shrinks your uterus and helps you burn calories and fat. Breastfeed as you normally would and schedule your exercise and dieting around those times. This is healthiest for your baby as well as yourself, restricting your breastfeeding will lower your milk supply and you could become engorged as well from missed feedings.
Crash diets are never a good idea, but they are an even worse idea after you have had a baby and you are breastfeeding. Crash diets limit vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you need while nursing. You need to eat normally while nursing to make sure your baby is receiving all the important vitamins and minerals that your baby needs. Using a crash diet will lessen your milk supply as well as drain your energy. Your body uses a lot of energy to produce milk, which is why eating right is so important while breastfeeding.
Start with moderate exercise while breastfeeding. The foods you eat are being turned into milk for your baby. When you begin exercising, your body absorbs those foods to fuel your body with energy instead of creating milk for your baby. Moderate exercise will get your body moving and help to lose the baby weight, while at the same time still allowing your body to produce enough milk for your baby while breastfeeding.

Your body needs calories while nursing because much of the food and nutrients you take in are being turned into milk. Lowering your caloric intake will reduce your milk supply, as well as leave your milk with fewer nutrients for your baby. Your body is burning calories while breastfeeding so there is no need to lower the number of calories you eat daily.

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