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Dont give up on weight-loss resolutions


Bead eating habits seem comfortable and are easy to fall back into, but they don't help you lose weight or improve your health long-term. Before you give up on this year's resolutions, try to take the following things into consideration.

  • Are you ready? Changing lifestyle habits in diet and physical activity takes a commitment of time and energy. Is this a good time in your life? Can you devote some time to planning and implementing the recommended changes?

  • Do you have a good plan? Much of this is in the planning. Don't focus too much on the long-term goal as it won't happen without a good plan.

  • Can you enjoy the process? Enjoy weight loss? Yes, that's correct. Many people find that when they lose weight and are more active, they feel better. Try to bear that in mind. Also, there's a lot of great food out there.  Explore new recipes and types of foods. For example, many different ethnic foods taste great, are healthy and are low in calories.

  • Focus on short-term goals while keeping long term goals in mind. Losing weight is done one kilogram at a time. And the way to lose one kilo at a time is to have a good plan in place, as above, and also to bear in mind your short term process goals. An example of a process goal is committing to eat one more serving of fruit and vegetables every day. Or walking 30 minutes per day in three 10-minute blocks. By emphasizing these short-term process goals, you should eventually reach your long-term outcome goal of losing the weight you want.

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