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Clenbuterol For Weight Loss – How It Works, Benefits And Drawbacks

Weight loss is a crucial factor for people who pursue their careers as actors or body builders. It is necessary but difficult to maintain a perfect body. No matter how much you exercise and diet, the task seems to be endless and monotonous. So, to speed up the process and have a sustained result from it, there are various drugs that effectively assist weight loss.

Clenbuterol is a popular drug that works to help the body shed the extra weight. Here are a few facts about this wonder drug:

How Does Clenbuterol For Weight Loss Work?

  • The Clenbuterol weight loss drug increases the body’s metabolism, which in turn works to burn fat as you spend more hours on physical training.
  • The drug is primarily used to relieve symptoms in asthma patients. So it is effective in controlling lung functioning and prevents one from getting tired soon
  • Though not proven medically, Clenbuterol, it is claimed, reduces hunger and thus aid in weight loss.
  • Another effect of the drug is dilation of arteries, leading to efficient transportation of oxygen to the blood stream; this makes the muscles supple and prevents fat accumulation.
  • The drug breaks down complex triglycerides into fatty acids that can be oxidised to produce energy. 
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The Benefits:

  • Clenbuterol increases the body’s tolerance and endurance level. Thus, you can push yourself to a strict workout routine to burn a few extra pounds. Besides, when starting with a workout, one often feels pain in the muscles initially. This drug reduces muscle pain induced by heavy workouts.
  • It protects the heart and lungs during the process of weight loss. Though workouts are usually done under professional guidance, there might be a few exercises that affect the heart. This drug is meant to control such fluctuations.
  • Clenbuterol helps breakdown the fatty acids present in the body, which makes weight loss faster. So, if you are looking for fast results, this drug is the way forward. Actors and models who are looking to bulk up or lose weight for a particular role or show, may turn to this drug for quick results.
  • The drug is usually taken with vitamins and other energy supplements, thus reducing the need for a very strict diet regime. Though food is important even when you are subjecting yourself to such physically challenging activity, you can at times steal a day for yourself.
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The Drawbacks:

1. Side Effects:

People often see an outbreak of rashes on their skin and a general blue feeling if they take this drug for an extended period of time. It is important to know that this drug is just a support. Eventually you will need to train yourself to meet these contingencies and maintain the body.

2. Psychological Stress:

Once you get used to seeing yourself fit and active, you can get addicted. Once you stop using the drug you may experience withdrawal symptoms and stress.

3. Cardiovascular Problems:

With the initial use of this drug, the body is put under a lot of strain. Though the medicine itself is safe for the heart, the stress that comes with its consumption might not be! So, you need to observe the changes in your body carefully and try to minimize the side effects as and when they appear.

4. Weight Re-gain:

Once you quit using the drug it is natural for the body to go back to the shape from where you started. Regaining the weight you lost with such hard work can be disheartening.

But the most important thing to remember is that depending on a drug to lose weight is not a long term solution. You have to slog even harder to keep your body in shape in the long run.

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Your body is a complex machine. Think twice before you experiment with it. Clenbuterol can help you lose weight today, but it is important to understand all the pros and cons associated with the drug before you start using it.

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