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What to eat for weight loss? Top 10 foods that promote weight loss

Losing weight is simply a case of burning more calories, than you consume. It sounds simple and straightforward, but, you also want to feel full and enjoy your food too. There are some types of food that can help you lose weight, some that boost your metabolism, so you burn calories faster and some that make you feel fuller, but with less calories. So, in order that you can have your cake and eat it (low calorie cake, of course!) here are some of the foods that promote weight loss:

1. Grapefruit

Eat it for breakfast or use it as a salad topping, grapefruit has been shown by research to help people to lose weight faster. It is believed that eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice reduces the insulin levels, which aids weight reduction.

2. Soup

Another food in our list of foods that promote weight loss is soup. You can eat more volume with fewer calories by eating soup. A good and nutritious vegetable soup will satisfy your hunger and leave you feeling full, but it has far fewer calories than a full meal.

3. Fruit

You already know that fruit is good for you, but try to snack with some fruit before your main meal. The fiber in the fruit will fill you up and make you want a smaller portion of your main meal, only avoid eating too much of fruits that are high in sugar, such as grapes, banana or cherries.

4. Eat a hearty breakfast

You wouldn’t have thought that ham and egg for breakfast would help you to lose weight, but in a study of obese young women, when they eat the high protein breakfast of ham and egg, they eat far less through the rest of the day.

5. Food in shells

Make yourself work for your snack and buy nuts with their shells still on. They taste better, they have no added salt and they will make you take your time and savour your food too. You’ll also get a mini workout picking all the bits of shell out of the carpet!

6. Apples

Apple is one of the most commonly known foods that promote weight loss, as well as overall health. We’ve already mentioned the benefits of fruit, but apples deserve their own special mention. Eat a whole, fresh apple, and the fiber in the fruit will make you feel full, but the process of chewing on the apple will also send a message to your brain that you’ve eaten something substantial.

7. Hot and spicy

Pepper and other spices contain a compound called capsaicin, which gives the spices their heat. When eaten, capsaicin heats your body up and gives your metabolism a boost, which makes you burn up the calories quicker, therefore chili pepper is also included in our list of foods that promote weight loss.

8. Lean protein plus vegetables

Eating high protein foods will keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer. Eating lean turkey, chicken or fish with a good portion of fresh vegetables is a great and healthy way to fill up, but more importantly, that full feeling will last longer, so you will be less likely to want a snack later.

9. Whole grains

Whatever it is you’re buying, pasta, bread or breakfast cereal, always choose the whole grain option. The whole grain takes longer for your body to digest and will keep you feeling full for longer.

10. Fresh ginger

One of the healthiest foods that promote weight loss is fresh ginger. Adding fresh ginger to food is a great way to boost the flavor, and the tastier your food, the more satisfied you will feel. Ginger also adds some heat to your food and boosts your metabolism, so it helps you use up the calories as well.

What to eat for weight loss? What are other foods that promote weight loss? 

Feel free to share your healthy eating tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy and healthy!

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