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10 Gym-less weight loss tips

Not everybody likes the gym and gym membership is not a compulsory condition of losing weight. Going to the gym, when you think about it, is an artificial way of cramming in all the exercise that you should be getting every day, into just a few hours of effort. If you want to lose weight, but don’t want to spend loads of money on a gym membership, read these ten gym-less, easy weight loss tips that will show you how:

1. Take a walk

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise that you can get. It costs nothing, you need no special equipment and it makes a great cardiovascular workout that will help you burn off the fat. If you have got out of the habit of walking, start off easy and gentle and gradually increase the length of your walks and the pace. The average person can burn off about 400 calories by walking 10,000 steps a day at a reasonably brisk pace.

2. Get on your bike

A bike is a cheap, environmentally friendly way to get around and cycling is a great form of exercise. Many of the car journeys that we make are unnecessary and we could easily walk or cycle them instead. Next time you pop into the local convenience store, get on your bike, rather than get in the car and lose some weight on your way. Once you get used to cycling again, you could join a cycling club or go on cycling trips with your family. Not only is it good for you, you get to see a lot more of your surroundings on a bike, than you do when you’re driving.

3. Lose weight watching TV

What do you do when the commercial breaks come on? Reach for a snack? Make better use out of those irritation interruptions to your viewing by doing some running on the spot, squats or jumping jacks. The commercial break gives you a way to time to your exercises too, just keep going until your program starts again.

4. Put some extra effort into chores

The next time you put the vacuum cleaner around the house, try and do it in half the time that it would normally take and work up a little sweat, while you’re at it. Many of the chores that we do involve repetitive physical exertion, just like exercise, so try and do your chores a bit faster and it will help you to lose weight and you’ll get some extra free time too…

5. Go for a swim

Swimming is a form of exercise that is enjoyable and gives just about every single part of your body a workout. There is probably a swimming pool nearby for you and most of them offer classes, if you want to improve your swimming. And, don’t be self-conscious about getting into a swimsuit; everyone in the pool is wearing the same thing, so they won’t even notice you.

6. Take up a martial art

Martial arts will tone up your body and teach you a new skill. Sign up for kick boxing or judo classes for a great workout, meeting new friends and it might give your self-confidence a boost as well.

7. Create your own home workout regime

There are hundreds of different exercises that you can do at home and you don’t need any expensive equipment or a gym membership. To make your exercise regime more interesting buy a book or look online, and you will find many different ways that you can lose weight by exercising in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

8. Dance your way to fitness


Don’t get bored on a treadmill, take up dancing instead. There are many dances that will give you a good workout and be fun at the same time. You could try a bit of hip hop, Zumba or go really exotic with some belly dancing.

9. Take up a sport

Taking part in a sport can be a great incentive to try harder and help you lose weight faster. If you are not yet mega fit, then badminton is a good sport to start with. You can join a club or, with just two racquets, a shuttlecock and a bit of open space, you can play with your friends or partner.

10. Running and jogging

Ditch the treadmill and do your running outdoors. Much more fun and you get the fresh air and scenery too. If you are new to running though, take it easy to start with. When you’re not used to it, running will be quite exhausting, so let your body adjust by gradually increasing the distance and the pace of your runs.

Do you have some other gym-less weight loss tips to share?

Stay happy and healthy!

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