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i can't really thank you enough for ALL your patience and info. you have been very helpful. but i want to make sure i'm taking the right amounts of supplements. in the previous answer you mentioned "bitter Orange. I have that too. most times i buy through Amazon, but i will check out bodybuilding.com, thanks for that tip as well.
ok, so this is what i own.....Cellucor HD, Cellucor CLK and bitter orange. do i combine/stack a combo of these.i ONLY NEED them for my morning workouts for the extra motivation for the MUCH NEEDED ....super duper "intensity" to make my 30min workouts equivalent to 60 min cal burn. i do not really want to continue to take them through the day and i do drink a cup of coffee in the morning only, through out the day i drink water with lemon and brewed cold green tea. my main objective is to get my workout intensity "UP" for 5 days and i think along with your suggestions of tweaking my already clean eating should do the trick of obtaining my goals of losing 8-10lbs and 2" off my arms, abs, hips and thighs. it is much harder to lose these smaller #'s than somebody has a lot more to lose. but i think working consistantly and at a high intensity, that will burn off the fat, rolls and jiggles that i can't stand any more. if i was a lazy couch potatoe requesting these goals and i would say its unrealistic, but i am REALLY trying, so IF i'm doing it i NEED>>>WANT>>>EXPECT to see the results i am striving for.

ANSWER: Hi Darlene, sorry to take a while getting back with you.
Yes you can stack those 3 supplements. The bitter orange will do nothing for energy though. Actually neither will the CLK.

Yes you are right about losing small amounts of weight. Look at it like this. A person sits around all the time and eats a bunch of junk. then one day they join the gym and eat clean. Their body is almost in shock and it is very easy to lose a lot of weight.
But for the in shape person it is hard. You have to get more creative and scientific.

But check this out http://underground.nutrex.com/products/hemo-rageUCturboshot.asp
These are the Hemorage shots. Kind of expensive from the manufacturer but still good if you can't find them. Supplement tip: the manufacturer will always charge higher prices than an online retailer like bodybuilding.com
Ok so BB.com price here is similar.
But give the shot a try. Just skip your Cellucor HD that day and coffee until you find out how your body reacts.

Could I ask you a huge favor though? I'm redesigning my site and would like to add some testimonials. If you'd be willing to tell everyone I'm a supplement God...seriously though if you wouldn't mind I'd really appreciate it.

And always feel free to write back, I enjoy your questions. Keep me updated on your progress.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: ok, so first i left my comment on your website. (it's ALL true)
& 2nd, i ordered the shots from bb.com i ordered only 3. want to make sure they work for me. i was reading some reviews that said to take only HALF of the shot at a time. i also thought that you had said the bitter orange was the ingredient that best matched the "ephedra hit". so i'm confused.  don't i want to stack the bitter orange with something else to give me that "missing" ephedra? what exactly does my HD & CLK do than? is it helping me or am i wasting my time with them? what can i expect from them? what should i add bitter orange to? and explain the shot to me please. how long does the "buzz" usually last? how soon b4 exercise should i take it? can i take it on an empty stomach?
i'm just chock full of questions, arent't i???

You again?
Just kidding.

Ok finally getting back to you, sorry I've been on this new workout, training my wife and a friend, and casting a movie. I'm tired! Can you recommend something? Ok dumb joke
Here is the thing with bitter orange, it doesn't necessarily promote energy production like say caffeine would.
The thing with ephedra was it was part of an ECT stack, the C being caffeine.
The thing about all these supplements is the ingredients work synergistically. Caffeine is a CNS stimulator, bitter orange also acts as a stimulant. Another thing it does is constrict blood vessels that causes an increase in heart rate similar to the effects of caffeine.
Does any of that make sense? Sorry I'm on this new workout and am worn out.

Now your HD contains stimulants like caffeine.
The CLK does not contain stimulants. It is made up of CLA, which is actually a fat itself that ironically supports lean body mass.
Carnitine aides in the transport of fat cells to be used as a source of energy.
Razberi-K also supports fat loss in a similar manner.

The ironic thing is even the non stimulant supplements aide in energy production because the mobilize fat, which the body uses as fuel.
Though this is subtle, far from the boost you want.

I really recommend you try the shots. Drink half about 30 minutes before your workout. Work your way up to the whole thing. It all depends on your tolerance.
And yes it is good to take on an empty stomach. However you might want to eat like 30 minutes after taking it or you may get some side effects like jitters or upset stomach.

If taking the Cellucor I'd just stack the HD with the CLK. I'd have to research a little before telling you how much bitter orange to add.
Another option is buying a sup that has it in there, like http://underground.nutrex.com/products/lipo6-blackhersUC.asp

By the way, this may be of interest. Mind you I have read nothing on it http://cellucor.com/product/d4-thermal-shock

Finally, thank you for the kind comments.
the site is getting ready to be updated. I have a friend who deals with all that and once he gets over his immense back log of projects he will upgrade it, make it a little more flashy. Anything you'd like to see?

Keep in touch and keep me apprised of your progress or if you have more supplement questions.  
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