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I have heard the theory of including more weight bearing exercises to 'increase your metabolism' but in my case it didnt work, unless I was doing something wrong.
I am 50 and would like to lose about 25 pounds. I have trimmed all the fat and processed carbs from my diet(ex. fish NO chips extra peas) and am eating about 1500 calories. That stopped the weight gain but didnt start any loss.
I recently stopped the three day a week runs that weren't helping at all and now am doing daily 20 minute fast runs on a treadmill.
Now I look a bit trimmer but the scale hasn't moved.
The only thing I haven't done is the weights.
I am already a stout guy (picture Wayne Rooney on steroids) with big muscles so I cant see how that would work.
I also haven't had a pint since Xmas. My belly has gone down one belt notch but again nothing on the scale.
Your advice greatly appreciated!

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Focussing on the scales will take you down the wrong route and a ot of frustration- as you already know!
Muscle weighs more than fat, so when you do weights exercisies and complement it with a health. protein rich diet, you will DENSIFY your muscle tissue, which means it will become heavier. The future benefit is that your metabolism WILL rise, and you'll find it a bit easier to shift any excess fat.

If your body is in proportion but your belly sticks out, I would sugest loking at wheat/dairy intolerance and cutting way down on these foods.

Very difficult to pin it down on a vague platfirm like an internet site, but the bove are my suggestions that work for everyone.

All the best.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Deat Nevil
Interesting that you mentioned wheat dairy intolerance. This occured to me to but my doctor said I didnt have celiac disease.
I did go for two weeks without wheat and felt much better.I broke down and had some white bread and the bloating and indigestion returned!
Never a big dairy eater but I also switched to soy milk.
As I think back the times I ate ice cream I always got somewhat sick to my stomach.
I will try to stick to a wheat and dairy free diet and renew my efforts.

Dear Bud,

It is always better to replace rather than deny yourself otherwise you get cravings that start off the need for the old habits.

I would suggest having gluten free wheat when you want some bread, and go for alternative pastas (again gluten and wheat free). Be careful with ready made fods and sausages as they also contain hidden wheat.

Dairy free is really quite easy as you can find soy cheese, ice cream and milk alternatives, and natural yoghurt is different to milk, so should be fine.

In all honesty, I would not listen to most traditional doctors on matters of nutrition as they are not trained in it, just as I would never advise on medical treatments!

If you need help with adding nutrition to your diet, you are free to look at my site.

All the best.
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