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I am wondering which pancake mix gives me the most nutrition, because the labels are confusing.  On the front of the Fiber One box, it claims to have at least 10g of whole grain per serving, with 5g dietary fiber.  The whole wheat box claims 32g of whole grain, yet claims 4g of dietary fiber per serv.  The difference between the 10g and the 32g is huge, yet, the dietary fiber contents are virtually the same.  Which of these numbers is the most important, especially to a diabetic?   Thank you.


Good question!  Its hard to figure out what is really healthy out there because many of the boxes false advertise using "Whole Wheat" or "All Grain", etc.  You are doing the right thing by looking on the back of the box!

On the back of the box, under Nutritional Facts, the most important thing to look at is serving size, calories, fiber content, sugar, and protein.  The two nutritional labels on Fiber One and the other Pancake brand are very similar, I can see how you are somewhat confused.  Carbohydrate are about the same at 33g and 36g so we can check that off the list.  Fiber One has slightly more fiber, but the serving size is bigger (1/2 cup versus 1/3 cup), so we can call them even for that as well.  Protein is also a little higher at 6g (which is good) on the Fiber One box, but again, the serving size is larger.  The difference between sugars is also relatively close; 6g versus 4g.  When just looking at the nutritional facts, each batter would be a healthy option.

Because of this we should do a little more digging.  Look at the ingredient lists of each box, located below the nutritional facts.  The first ingredient listed is always the most prominent ingredient in the food.  Fiber One's first ingredient is Enriched bleach flour.  The other pancake batter on the right has a first ingredient of Whole Wheat Flour, this batter has better quality whole wheat, important for diabetic.  The "other batter" on the right is the ideal choice for pancakes.
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