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front side
front side  

My measurements are waist 27.5" (upon waking, empty stomach) and hips 33" does that make me an apple or pear??  I'm trying to get rid of this protruding stomach. any advice??  i am on a 1800 calories diet, and am breastfeeding and cardio /weights
I weigh (no shoes) 117

Hi Andrea.

Several things.

1. you look like an apple but it's hard to tell particularly not knowing how long ago you gave birth

2. you look pretty lean. The way you are standing has a lot to do with the way your stomach pops out. Your posture (at least in that picture) is pretty bad. Stand sideways  in front of a mirror this way:   shoulders back thinking about your head being pulled to the ceiling while squeezing your glutes and pushing your pelvis forward . I will bet you that your stomach looks flatter.

3. The type of ab work you do can make your rectus abdominus grow outward as well as making your waist thicker.  Here is an article I wrote a while ago about that very subject Is Your Ab Workout making your waist bigger?

4. I wouldn't worry so much about weight because you clearly have an athletic build and are holding muscle (which is a very good thing if you want to look fit and toned instead of skinny and squishy)

5. Stop doing cardio unless it's interval type training or HIIT. Here is a blog post I wrote a while ago that explains why cardio sucks for fat loss and how to burn fat more effectively
how to burn more fat in less time

Feel free to email me with any other questions and to let me know how you're doing with your goals  
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