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side effects

QUESTION: dear nevil
i'm a 19 yr old boy frm india n i've been wrking out 4
almost 2 yrs.....
i recently bought d celltech hardcore from muscletech ...
so i wanted 2 knw can dis supplement cause any sideffects
and particularly hairloss ???

ANSWER: Aalok,

Anything that is not natural to the body may cause side effects. You can never know for sure, and that is why I recommend staying away from the artificial stuff.

There is plenty of high quality natural protein drinks and supplements available, and you really do not need these types of supplements to help you gain a good physique.

All the best

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: well d thing is dat i've tried othr protein supps. but dre
was no result
but wen i tried creatine it did well 4 me
n dis is d very same thing
so wat do u sugest ??/

muscle building naturally
muscle building natura  
Hi Aalok,

Creatine is not the same as protein. For a start, it is artificial, and therefore the results are the same and temporary. Secondly, protein is an absolute requirement for the body to survive and grow.

I don't know what protein you were using, but by increasing your protein intake along with a very healthy food and drink intake, you will definitely see results. The other aspect to look at is the type of weights exercises you are doing, your stress patterns, sleeping patterns- all of which will have an effect.

All the best
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