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Diet-Plan for avoiding Lipoma

My age is 27 and i weight 154 pounds. My height is 175cms.
My weight was actually 130 pounds 10 months back and is started taking very high protein diet + had protein body mass powder drinks along weight training exercises and currently my weight is 154 pounds.

But i started getting fatty tumours all over my body. When check up with a doctor, they say that its 'Multiple Lipoma'.

Please suggest me a proper diet. Is this lipoma related to my diet ? Please clarify.


No I at first glance would say your tumors are not from your diet, or more rightly not from the high protein diet, tumors, cancer feed off of carbohydrated namley simple sugars and starches. You cant gain weight from protien alone it takes a hypercaloric diets, More calories then you bung which is actually harder with a high protein diet.

I would talk to your doctor but he first thing I would suggest is drop the weight gainers but stay on a high protein and high fat diet, drop the carbs down and only get them from green leafy veggies and small amounts of fruit.

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