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Carbs OK?

A coworker is into bodybuilding and looks great.
I started working out and am bulking up but cant lose any bodyfat,especialy on my midsection.
I have been on a low glycemic diet, the one that is supposed to work.Lots of meat and salads but pretty much no carbs except for ones that taste like cardboard.
I watch what my friend eats however and he eats lots of carbs-rice,pasta, potatoes (mind you without the creamy sauces) but no red meat. He has lots of lean fish and chicken instead, and fruits and veggies.
Should I eat like him? I thought carbs were bad!


Why would carbs be bad, what is wrong with fruit, and veggies and whole grains. There are NO bad food only foods bad for people goals and level of activity. Same with fat, and also red meat. both are great, Red meat is natures multivitamin.

Try adding some carbs go for whole real source. If you keep it simple and eat real whole foods then youll make progress. In time you may even need to add on simpler carb source to keep the calories up for your energy expenditure.

Low carb works, higher carb can work, they all work, experiment and find what works best for you and you can live with and enjoy.

Train hard and eat big.

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