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Interview Questions. Please reply ASAP! Thank you so much.

1. If my mother or father is obese, does this mean that I will also become obese later on?

2. What is the main cause of obesity?

3. Is there a connection between obesity and other diseases?

4. Do obese people live shorter lives, or just less healthy lives?

5. How does our nation's obesity problem impact the economy?

6. How are normal people & obese people different?


Dear Panuclue,

Thanks for writing us. As you are very to the point with your questions, I will also be brief and to the point with my answers.

1.Although there might be some genetic tendencies, You have a choice.It might take a little more effort, but then again "What is it worth to you?"

2.As I said in the previous answer, there is some genetic tendency. But overall I believe it is mainly caused by unhappiness and lack of self-worth/love. Next to that there are causes like not enough exercise, eating lots of junk-food, alcohol, medication, negative thoughts and emotions, ...

3.When obese, you have a greater risk of disease.

4.Being healthy will increase the chances of living longer and the other way around.

5.Healthy people have more energy and a much clearer focus. If you look at people that get something done or people with great impact - 9 times out of 10 they are healthy. They create job opportunities and contribute to a healthier economy.

6.That question I find difficult to answer, as I do not know what you mean by normal or abnormal.
To me deep down inside we are all pure and perfect, we just make different choices in life.

A gift from me for you, that will definitely get you on track, to live a healthy and vibrant life full of energy - is our 10 day challenge (http://bit.ly/gbah5y)

It will push you. But then again, if we want to get something out of life, when we want to realize our dreams and live to the fullest - We do have to push ourselves!

With Gratitude,

Ego Invenio
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