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H.I.I.T. ?

I seem to have found what works for me in terms of diet to lose weight.
I reduced calories and cut out red meat and fatty desserts.
I was doing low glycemic for months, eating meat every day and didnt lose an ounce.
Its been two months and my belly has gone in one notch. Slow yes but better than before.
Now I need help with the exercise component.
I have been jogging on my treadmill three times a week and then some stretches and weights.
A friend says I am doing it all wrong though. I need to do H.I.I.T.
I tried it with him and though the workout was much shorter I didnt enjoy it at all. It was stressfull and very demanding.  I like my long leisurely runs so I can watch a soccer game or the sports news on the TV.I actually enjoy my type of workout as I can let my mind go blank and run off negative mental energy and stress.
Am I wasting my time doing what I am doing? I am almost 50 and this H.I.I.T. thing seems more for younger people.
I would like to boost my slow weight loss though.  
Thanks for your advice.

The NUMBER ONE RULE of working out is this:

If it's not enjoyable, you won't do it?so pick an activity that YOU LIKE.

If you don't like HIIT, forget about it. I don't like it either. I hate sprinting. Personally, I don't like any kind of running. I prefer cycling - so I try to do it as much as I can.

So if you love your long leisurely runs, then BY ALL MEANS continue them. Just realize that you'll have to run 20 or 30 minutes to equal the calories burned in a 5 to 10 minute HIIT session.

What I would recommend is some WEIGHT LIFTING to your routine. A 15 minute weight session 3 times a week will build some muscle and help burn lots more calories!

For specific information and step-by-step guidelines on how to lose weight and be healthy, visit my web site for all kinds of details about proper diet, nutrition, exercise, weight-lifting routines, and more.

Most importantly, make sure to download my FREE eBook, "Rick's 18 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss."

Richard Rost

P.S. As a disclaimer, I'm not a doctor or health professional. Please seek the advice of your doctor before implementing any of my recommendations.

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