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wanting to get a flatter stomach


I come to you because since I was young, I've always had a protruding stomach, always complaining because I'm skinny all over except for my stomach muscles kind of bulge out.  I don't like the look and I don't know if I need to eat different, if it's cortisol, exercise more/less.  I currently exercise 5 days per week, an hour a day in cardio, doing some steady state walking (try to be fast, but it's also to destress and just move) and 20 minutes HIIT or interval cardio.  Then I do about 15-20 minutes of weights, one day arms/one day lower body.  I had a baby 10 months ago too. Now I'm back to my weight, but before baby, my waist was 27 and my stomach 28, now it's 27.5 and 29 (with no food) ANd supposedly for my height, 5'3, I should have a waist size of 25, and my hips aren't that wide, like 34-35 inches.  So I"m close to that .8 marker for waist/hip ratio.  I'll send two pics: one of my stomach at night and one in the morning, so you can see how I expand as the day goes on.  I would just like some tips on what would be a good diet to go on, and any tips or big ideas I need to lower this stomach a bit. Thanks

I viewed the pictures and saw that what your talking about is completely normal . Remember that the night photo is after you have eaten throughout the day and the morning one is after hours of not eating because you where sleeping. You would always look thinner in the morning. If you want to somewhat control your pm appearance then I would suggest eat more fiber,less meat and give yourself at least four to five hours rest without eating before you go to bed. I would tell you that Rome was not built in one day so in other words your hard work at the gym will pay for itself in time. Keep your diet lean and clean and continue to get your exercise in and before you know it your body will begin to shape in the way you want. Your photos show that you are close to success, just stay motivated and measure your results through photo and tape measurement to monitor your progress at least once every three weeks.

Good luck

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