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meal replacements

I am 30 and trying to lose about 20 pounds and lower BP and cholesterol through exercise and diet and also have a slightly enlarged prostate that is of concern to me since my grandpa died from prostate cancer.  I exercise almost every day and started a diet rich in raw fruit and veggies which I make a juice with them twice a day.  I have also been taking meal replacement shakes to work everyday instead of food and am wondering if they are safe for long term use?  I am currently taking Myoplex which is low calorie and does not have aspartame and I have also used Jarrow's Muscle Optimeal.  My main concern is there effects on organs such as liver, kidneys, prostate for long term use?  My liver and kidneys are healthy as far as I know but like I said I have some early symptoms of enlarged prostate and want to really make sure I am doing healthy things for my body and lose weight and be healthy.  I have given up caffeine and cut back on eating meat to a couple days a week and rely on nuts and whey mostly for protein.  I also do not smoke or drink.  Any suggestions?

Id say yes the MRPs' are safe I would just suggest you get one without soy protein  the jury is still out on its general safety and even with prostate health. As far as protein  intake there are studies going on right as we speak with Dr's I know that are proving that High protein intake does NOT effect the kindeys and liver, or bone density ion a bad way. There are really no studies out her that prove it does in healthy subject.

I would suggest you get as much of your intake as you can from REAL food sources including the meats you are for some reason limiting. Make sure you cut back on processed carbs for the most part and eat real whole foods.

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