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Cutting weight before a tournament.

Hey Laurie,

I'm currently 5 foot 8 and I weigh around 153 pounds. I also train about 10-12 hours a week. And after the majority of those classes I am soaked in sweat. I eat an alright diet. As I usually eat, 3 eggs in the morning (Scrambled), sandwich before lunch, Fruit Salad for lunch, bowl of noodles for mid-day or sometimes more fruit, and oriental food for supper (always eat rice). I added a picture of my body to see my body type.

What I'm trying to ask is what should I eat in my diet to lose about 7 pounds? I have a tae kwon do tournament in January so I have plenty of time to lose weight, but it'd be nice to know now. If you can give me advice or help that would be helpful! I know you're probably busy but thanks for your time!


Hi Brandon,

Frankly, you are at an ideal weight right now and I'm not sure what purpose it would serve to lose weight--especially since you probably have a very low body fat percentage, so losing numbers on the scale might correlate to losing muscle weight, which I'm pretty sure you don't want to do.
That said, I always suggest first cutting out any empty calories (also known as junk food) first--sodas, cookies, ice cream, etc.
If all you eat is what you stated in your letter (and you never eat sweets or fried food or fast food or drink soda or other beverages with calories), then cutting portion sizes would be the way to go.
Again, I can't recommend weight loss in your current condition, but since you asked about it, cutting down by eating, say, 1/4 cup less of the noodles, rice, or maybe cutting out one of the egg yolks in your morning scrambled eggs would shave the calories off your diet for a result of weight loss.
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