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fat los

i'd like to go to a doctor to ask him if he can figure out how many calories i have to eat and my body fat, and good nutrients basically to figure out how fat i have and how much calories i must lose daily so i can lose 2 lbs a day. i'd like to have a 6 pack.

can you tell me the names of VERY good doctors in ny or nj?

There is no doctor on planet earth for losing 2 pounds a day. Try 2 pounds a week. And stop counting calories, your metabolism is not written in stone, it varies on stress, mood, muscle mass and more.

Focus on the quality on what you eat, the quantity takes care of itself. When you get what you need, as in fresh produce, whole grains, you do not overeat. Pills, powders, tricks are worse than a $ rip off, they make real weight control even harder. It is the empty garbage you eat that makes you fat and still hungry.

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