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grounded flax seed


Thank you for the answers.

You mentioned the whole flax seed can't digest.  How about grounded flax seed, would it be digestable?

Would any of the nutrition be gone while blanding the banana or apples?  

Thank you

ANSWER: Hello Sabrina,

Ground flax is good.

Some nutrients are lost in the blender. Actually nutrients are lost at different rates whenever a food is processed- a key reason to eat a varied diet including using different cooking and preparation techniques and eating raw fruits and veg as well.

Thank you,

Dan Haley, CNC

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Could you tell me what's in your menu for lunch?

Does simon has too much fat? Would drink simon oil be a better choice for getting  omega-3 fatty acids?  


Hi Sabrina,

My lunch may be a mixed veg salad topped with tuna and a side of a cooked vegetable. Sometimes I eat sushi and vegetables. Maybe soup such as bean, lentil, of a vegetable styled variety (almost always homemade). If I am in a rush possibly a yogurt (or two) and a Kashi or Luna bar.

Salmon (?) is an excellent source of essential fatty acids. I recommend eating it once (at least) a week. I would not recommend drinking salmon oil but you can find EFA supplements that contain salmon oil exclusively or as a blend. The blends are great and often contain flax, borage, and evening primrose oils as well.

Thank you,

Dan Haley, CNC

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