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Foods to enhance immune system and boost energy.

Hi Tanya
 What can I do to improve my amun system? To gain more energy to more of boost.

Thank you so much for yr time


While it's relatively simple to answer the immune sysstep part of your question, it's more difficult with the energy boosting part. The matter is, we sometimes mean different things when we say "energy". Some people feel low energy because they have problem with either blood sugar control or with insulin sensitivity. For these people, cutting down seriously on carbohydrates will do wonders. I mean a full-scale long-term low carb, high-good-fat diet.

For other people, the reason can be stress including immune stress. Most common immune stress is caused by the Herpes virus, almost everybody has it but keeps in a bay since it is not too aggressive. However, it can start multiplying fast and the immune system spend most of energy to fight it. A common supplement, L-Lysin, interferes with the virus replication system and helps to get it back under control Take 2 grams of the supplements with first signs of lacking the energy, then again 2 grams in two hours. Continue taking 2 grams three times a day, then 1 gram x 3 times, until you feel that your energy returns.

Regarding the immune system, the best thing to do is taking your yogurt regularly. It contains friendly bacteria called probiotics and they are strong enough to fight even serious diseases like tuberculosis. People who take probiotics daily have fewer chances to contract colds or flu.

Read more: "The Benefits of Probiotics"

Hope it helps,

Tanya zilberter
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