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my nephews weight is on border line of growth chart

Hello Madam,
How are u?
Maim, i have a nephew 3 years old.His weight is 12 kg,on the lowest line of growth chart.Maim can u give some advice about the nutrition that help him to gain some weight?Moreover he eats lot of candies and pay less attention to other fruits and meal.How can we make him to get rid of habits of eating candies.
ur sincerely,

Dear Imran, Don't be too concerned about where he is on the growth chart, unless of course his pediatrician is becoming concerned. A three year old cannot fix nor buy his own food, therefore he is learning his eating habits from someone close by. That someone, who is his major influence, needs to change to healthier eating habits. Kids learn by watching. If the parental figure eats healthy and exercises daily, so will the child. If the parental figure eats candy, then so will the child. Because he is so young, the doctor will have to provide a healthy eating plan he would like the three year old to follow. Sincerely, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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