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Calorie Confusion, is this bad?

I know that snack cakes are bad for you, they are high in fat and calories and have no real benefit.
But, how much damage do they do if you have not eaten much that day.
For example, my tummy has been upset today, my diet to this point is as follows:
Two pieces of 100% whole wheat toast with very little of light margarine and a litle cinnamon and sugar with a glass of cranberry juice.
Later I had a glass of Sierra Mist and soda crackers.
For supper I had a low fat yogurt and more crackers.
Later I had two more pieces of wheat toast with a little jelly, no butter.
Finally later the only thing that sounded good was a fudnge snack cake.  It had a whoppin 10g of fat, 200 calories.
I know that is bad, but on days when you don't eat as much, is it "kind of" okay?
I am a 26 year old female, 5'6 145 pounds, I work out and move about alot through out the day.
I always feel guilty if I eat something I should not, I don't understand what is going to make me gain weight.  Thanks for any information you can give me.

First of all you need to work on a much more balanced diet!  I see very little fruits and vegetables, dairy, and lean protein!  What you explained is not a healthy, well-balanced diet!  
IF you WERE eating a healthy, well-balanced diet than a snack cake here and there on occassion would be fine.  However, when you are not even getting all of your food groups in and you are already getting quite a bit of sugar with the cranberry juice, Sierra Mist, and jelly than a snack cake would not be something you need to round out your day.  
Again, if you are eating a good diet daily, than having those treats now and then would be fine.  You need to work on a better all around diet!
If you are looking for help with this I do offer online services.  You can check out my web site at www.nutrifocus.net.
Thank you,
Kim Tessmer, RD LD
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